Camps & Events

Hitting Camp

Teach: Positioning/Swing/Focus

Age Groups: 5 yrs – 8 yrs old

Instructor: Brian Estes

Cost: $30 per Athlete

(Can bring own bat & helmet if want)

Baseball Pitching Camp

Teach: Technique/Grip/Arm Position

Age Groups: 8 yrs – 15 yrs old

Instructor: Brady Held & Duncan Davitt

Cost: $30 per Athlete

(Need to bring glove)


Sluggers is offering a pitching camp with instruction on mechanics, strength, and movement. The camp will provide a group learning experience with individual attention.

Cost: $30 per Athlete

*Beginners: focus on mechanics and possibly have a change or ready to learn one
*Advanced: have solid mechanics, throwing a change up and ready to learn movement pitches

Fielding Camp

Athletes will be taught how to stay low on ground balls, correct glove position, adjusting to unexpected hops and movement by the ball and body positioning for throwing accuracy.

Athletes will be using inventive and fun drills to achieve goals while also being coached on respect, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Age Groups: 5 yrs – 10 yrs old

Cost: $30 per Athlete

Catchers Camp

Teach: Athletes will be taught Position/Stance, Receiving, Blocking/Recovery, Throw Downs, Wild Pitches/Passed Balls, Fielding The Position, Directing The Defense, Pitcher/Catcher Relationship

Instructor: Mike Mathews

Cost: $55 per Athlete

(Need to have full equipment)